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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

VBA advantages

The large portion of work in MS Excel can be achieved via macro and VBA. This post is an attempt to help MS Excel user with VBA. The post below provides an overview about Macro/VBA. In forth coming post I will tell you how to start VBA or in other words a VBA tutorial.

You can automate almost anything you do in Excel. To do so, you will have to write

Instructions that you want Excel to perform. Automating a task by using VBA offers several advantages:

Excel always executes the task in exactly the same way and with more consistency.

VBA performs the task much faster than you can do it manually.

If you’re a good macro programmer, Excel always performs the task without errors.

If you set things up properly, someone who doesn’t know anything about Excel can perform the task.

With MS Excel you can do things which are otherwise looks impossible — Also, it makes you popular in your work place

For long, time-consuming and monotonous tasks, Excel performs the entire task while you enjoy leisure

Under MS Excel help, VBA is little unexplored by most of the users. Everyone knows that’s things are possible using VBA. But, we look for work around. In next month, will post free tutorials based on VBA/Macro.

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