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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Concatenate function to join text

Concatenate is one of most useful function is Microsoft Excel. It is used to join content from two cells. Here we will discuss examples of CONCATENATE function, example and alternative method to joined cells.  Let’s take an example, that we have five columns with Address, area, city, State and pin code and we want to join five columns to get complete address in one column.

For example, A14 - Address, B14 - Area,

C14- City, D14- State and E14- Pincode. Then, the formula to concatenate will be as mentioned below

=CONCATENATE(A14, " ",B14," ",C14," ",D14," ",E14)

Another way to achieve same will be by using formula

=A14&" "&B14&" "&C14&" "&" "&D14&" "&" "&D14

Click on image below to see concatenate example in details.

Microsoft Excel, concatenate

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