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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book Mark Add-in

Huge reports with more than 5 sheets are very difficult to browse. Also, in spite of making very professional report you will it confusing. So, solution to avoid confusion is to add book mark sheet with link to each Microsoft Excel worksheet. This worked in my case with large number of reports. But the process is very hectic. Like adding a shape, adding text to shape and than linking it to right worksheets which no one would like to do for each reports you make. Hence, I developed an MS Excel add-in which will automatically does these all for you. Take a look at the video below how it works.

How to use Bookmark Add-ins

This add-ins cost only 5$. If you like to receive this add-in click on button below to pay via Paypal. We will send you add-ins via email. Instructions to installation are available on my other post How to install add-ins.

If you want we will customize this add-ins to add your company name on Bookmark sheet, colors and font as per your need and customization will take only additional 5$.

Note: This add-ins is tested to work with MS Office 2003/2007. In case if you face any issue you can contact us and we will provide you support via email/chat.

Please suggest us your comments and feedback. Also, you can subscribe my blog. It’s free.

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