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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Offset Function MS Excel

Offset Function and its uses

In the simple words, OFFSET function returns the value in cell which is certain number of rows and column aways from base(reference cell) cell. Also, it can provide you with range when used with other functions like sum, avg, etc.

Offset require the following parameter

  1. Reference:  Reference is place where you with to place your Offset Origin
  2. Row:  Row from where you start  the Offset
  3. Col : Column from where you start the Offset
  4. Height:  Height of the range (which will be an numeric)
  5. Weight : Weight of the range
  6. Now lets look at the following example which describe the Offset function.
  7. In the following example offset is starting at cell C2,
  8. Referece = C2
  9. Row= 1  which means next row to C2 ->C3
  10. Column =-1 which means the one column before C3 which is B3
  11. Since we are only using Offset  to return value we will provide height as 1.

Height parameter is useful when we want range to be returned as a reference.  Like when you want to provide dynamic range to SUM function or Data Validation.

Please download the example to see examples on dynamic range.

Offset Function

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