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Friday, October 24, 2008

Shortcuts to select Column(s) or Row(s)

I have impressed many in my team by using shortcuts in MS Excel and trust me this is an excellent trick. Also, you cannot remember all the shortcuts by reading them. The best way to learn shortcuts is learn one at a time and make sure that you bring that in practice.

Press Ctrl + Space key to select the entire column

Press Shift + Space key to select the entire row

Remember you can expand your selection by pressing shift key and arrows keys. A

After consciously trying few times, you will master this shortcut and whenever you need to select a column or row you will press Ctrl+Space and Shift + Space.

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raj said...

suppose in a formula i just want to select specific number of column lenght like from number 5 to 100 in a column.
how can i do this without selecting the whole column.

Nicholas Tucker said...

Very good to know.

Sanjaykumar said...

You can use Ctrl and space key to select whole row and can use shift and space key to select whole column.

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