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Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekday function

This function is used to find day of week from Date. Also, you can decide which day of week you want to begin the week. Like for different organizations have different week beginning and ending. We will first understand syntax  and than move on two unique use of Weekday function.

Syntax: = Weekday(DateEntered, WeekStart)

WeekStart =1 sets Sunday as start that is 1  and Saturday as end which will7

WeekStart = 2 sets Monday as start that is 1  and Sunday as end which will be 7

WeekStart = 3 sets Tuesday as start that is 1 and Monday as end

If you don't provide any WeekStart then by default MS Excel assume it to 1.

Take a look at image below with weekday formula. 

Click on image below to view enlarge

Weekday function, MS Excel

Example 1: We want to find out day name using weekday function.

Note: The cell format should be choosen as dddd in custom formatting. To choose cell formatting, Press Ctrl + 1 and select custom from category and type dddd.

Example 2: Format entire rows where day is Monday. This is very useful when your week start/end at Monday and you want to mark start or end of week.

Click on image below to view enlarge


Here the entire row is formatted based of the value present in A column. If you still have confusion, download the file with Weekend function.

Download Weekday function Example

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