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Friday, June 26, 2009

Add-in and macro to convert seconds to hh:mm:ss

This add-in and macro will help you in converting seconds to hh:mm:ss. I have put add-ins for those who just wants to use the add-ins and macro for those who wants to understand this trick. This is very useful in BPO/Contact Center where you have source data in seconds and you have to represents data in hh:mm:ss seconds.

Mentioned below is macro code

Sub convert_hh_mms_ss()
Dim i As Double
Dim x As Integer
Dim y As Long
x = 1
y = 1
For Each c In Selection
    i = c / 86400
    Selection.Cells(x, y) = i
    Selection.Cells(x, y).NumberFormat = "[h]:mm:ss;@"
    x = x + 1
Next c
End Sub

Logic: c is each cell in selection/range on which you want to perform conversion. 86400 is nothing but the number of seconds in a day ( 24*60*60). When you divide seconds(c/86400) with 86400 it returns the numeric value in which MS Excel stores the time. In next steps we convert this numeric value into time format.

If you have difficulty replicating the code in MS Excel. Please download the example file.

Download Macro Example

Also, if you can use this macro as Add-in. Dow

Download Add-ins

If you need help with installation of Add-ins, please follow our earlier post

How to install Add-ins

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