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Monday, July 6, 2009

Format Painter

Format painter is very useful tool when you only wanted to move format of one cell to another or range on worksheet. Using format painter is easiest way to replicate format on the worksheet.

format painter icon  is a format painter icon which you will find on Standard toolbar.

Follow the steps to use format painter to move format.

  1. Select the cell of which you want to copy the format.
  2. Click on the format painter icon icon on Standard toolbar.
  3. The moment you click on Format painter icon, you will see that your cursor has changed to + paintbrush icon.
  4. Now you can apply the format by clicking on single cell or by dragging it on range of cell. However, if you want to apply the format to disjoint/non contiguous cells than steps will be bit different.

Follow the steps to use format painter on non-contiguous cells.

  1. Select the cell of which you want to copy the format.
  2. Double click on the format painter iconformat painter icon on standard toolbar.
  3. Now, like earlier the moment you double click the format painter icon you will see your cursor has change to + paintbrush icon.
  4. Now, click on all the cells of which you want to change the format. Once you are done, press Esc.

During my first few month's as an MIS I used this method to speed up my work. Format painter very well copy the conditional formatting as well which I liked the most. Remember one thing, more you practice, more you learn. So, keep practicing. I have one more idea of moving format which I will share with in future posts. Do miss any post, its Free!.

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