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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Workday function

Workday function is used to find either past or future date before/after the given number of business days. The function only consider working/business days which mean while arriving to date it excludes Weekly off's and holidays. What I like most about this function is you can also provide it with holiday list you don;t want to be considered.

Now if you are thinking what will be the application of this function than let me tell you whenever I decide any dead line for project  I use this function to calculate date. This exclude all Weekends and holidays list which I provide to function. Also, this can be use to calculate delivery date or number of days of work performed.

Let's take a look at the syntax of formula below.

=Workday(StartDate, Days, Holidays)

StartDate is the beginning date

Days are the number of nonweekend and non-holidays days before or after start date which you want to use for calculating end date. Like for example, if you know that delivery of post takes 5 business days than you will input 5 to Days in formula.

Holidays: List of days you want to exclude while calculating end days. Like if you are not working on particular days than you can provide that to formula. This can be provided by using constant arrar {"A", "B","C"} or by range of cells. Remember, Saturday and Sunday are default weekends and will be considered as non working days.

Now lets take look at example of Workday function.

Click on image below view enlarge

workday function, microsoft Excel

To help you in making practical use of this formula I have made an MS Excel file with workday example and one of its application which you can download from link below. I foresee this function to be very useful when for companies who are in courier business. Also, in calculating targets for each employee and understanding time and motion calculation. Please do write to me if you like to discuss this further.

Click here to Download Workday function Example

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Sanjaykumar said...

I am wondering that I have forgotten the WD formula. Could anybody help me to calculate the WDs. I had used this formula : =netwrokdays(A3,C3,K19:K286) to calculate, if the work is being done within 2 days or not. I want an output of work start date - work completed date = time taken (it will exclude saturday, sunday)

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