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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Countif with wildcard criteria

Here we will learn to use wildcard * in Countif function. Task is find count of all cell which starts with A or any character. There may be many ways which I may not be aware of, here I am posting something I tried and it worked. If you are not comfortable with Countif than this post is not for you. I would suggest you to visit my Countif Function.

Syntax for countif function is as follows : Countif(Range, Criteria)

Example: We wanted to find count of names starting with A and Sa from the list of names in A column of sheet. Suppose the names are in A2 to A10 range.

Formula Countif(A1:A10, "A*") will return the count of all names starting with A and Countif(A1:A10, "Sa*")

Click on image to view enlarge.

Microsoft Excel, countif example

Note: Criteria provided in countif is not case sensitive. SA and Sa will be treated as same.

Also, you can use this function with conditional formatting for give specific color to cell starting specific character.

You can also download an Countif with wild card example file. 

Click here to download Countif Example

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