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Monday, March 9, 2009

Auto Sum using shortcut

This method will reduce the time you take to write long sum formula. During my experience about using MS Excel, Sum is most common formula I used across most of MS Excel jobs. I prefer to either record a macro or find shortcut for the most repeated task. This not only saves time but also increase efficiency.

Shortcut key: Alt + =

Month 2008 2009 Total
January 2241 2214 Press Alt + = key here
February 2124 2356  
March 2780 2476  
Total Press Alt + = key on this cell    

When you press Alt + = key at the end of column you will get sum of column and Alt + = key at the end of row will give you sum of row as shown in example.

Note: This auto sum feature works only on the columns and rows where data is continuous without any empty cells in between.

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