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Monday, March 23, 2009

Shortcut to show all formula

At times I have seen people validating data and formula's on MS Excel sheet. It's very tedious if you go to each cell to view formula. Here is short cut to reveal all formulas. Trust me its very useful while auditing data in MS Excel

Shortcut key: Ctrl + `

Now if you have difficulty locating ` key. Let me help you, on most of standard keyboard `is located before 1 key or above tab key.

In last few months, I have posted lot of MS Excel Basic posts to ensure that everyone has something to learn who spare time and visit my blog.  As an advice I will say that learn one shortcut/formula in a day. Very soon you will be many other who do not follow this practice.

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raghavendra said...

Dear Sarfaraz,

What ever excel stuff we have received is really helpful & hope u send us some more, which makes us educated enough in excel.


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