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Monday, September 22, 2008

Check which CASE is used using Exact function

The formula is not very useful in practical MS Excel application. However, can be use to improve your knowledge about EXACT function.

Exact function basically compares the text from two cells for all aspects like content and case both. For Example, If cell A1 contains S and B1 contains s then the formula Exact (A1, B1) will return false.

Upper functions converts any case into Upper case.

Lower function converts any case into Lower case.

Proper function converts any case into Proper case (First letter of each word capital).


In this trick,  IF Exact(C9, Upper(Exact(C9))  returns true only if C9 is in upper case and same goes other cases.

This formula may not be very useful in practical application. However, very useful in understanding Exact function.

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