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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Import data from website to MS Excel

Many times we don't want to go to website again and again to check if content is updated. Alternative is to import such data to MS Excel. This post will help you in understanding how to import data to MS Excel. Please carefully read the instruction below.

To import and refresh information from a Web site:

1. Open MS Excel XP/ 2003, and click on the Data menu, click Import External Data, and then New Web Query.
2. In the Address box of the New Web Query dialog box, type or paste the address of the Internet site which you want to see on your excel sheet

For example, open the site www.bloomberg.com, which includes a table of various currency exchange rates. The address of the page containing the table of currency exchange rates is http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/index.html.
3. In the dialog box, notice the Web page. Click the small arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the table to select only the data table.
4. Click Import.
5. To save the query, click Properties in the
Import Data dialog box.
6. In the External Data Range Properties dialog box, enter the query name in the Name box, select the Save Query definition checkbox, and then click OK.
7. In the Import Data dialog box, click OK to import.

To refresh the Internet data

1. Select the cell in the sheet containing the data.
2. From the Data menu, select Refresh Data.
Display the External Data toolbar and click the Refresh Data icon. To display the External Data toolbar, select one of the toolbars, right-click and select External Data, and click OK

To automatically refresh the Internet data:

1. On the External Data toolbar, click the Data Range Properties icon.
2. Select the Refresh every option, and set the number of minutes between each refresh action.
3. Select the Refresh data on file open checkbox to automatically refresh the data when the file is opened.

Do let me know your comments and experience about using information provided in this post via comments. Also, subscribe via email to receive latest updates, add-ins and ebooks on MS Excel.



Sourojit said...

Hi Sarfaraz,
Coudln't do the function. Basically couldn't find the arrow to select the data table only. Can you please explain further.You can mail me at sourojitroy@gmail.com
Sourojit Roy

Kenny Carter said...

Hi, Is there any demo for that like in the Cafe24 demo? Thanks!

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