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Friday, September 5, 2008

Convert HH:MM:SS to Seconds without using Formula

Convert HH:MM:SS to Seconds without using FormulaConvert HH:MM:SS to Seconds without using FormulaThe idea of converting HH:MM:SS to seconds without using formula is useful if you have more than few columns/rows in HH:MM:SS form. Otherwise, formula is ideal way.I am Enclosing both method below.

Step 1: If A1 cell in sheet1 is containing value 00:12:04.Select A1 -> Press Ctrl + 1 -> Select Number tab-> Select Number from Category list-> Click on OK.

Step 2: Now type 86400 in any cell in Excel sheet. Copy that 86400 (86400 is number of seconds in a day) and use paste special (click value and multiply) over A1. It will return 724.Note: The above paste special can be done for multiple cell at one time. Hence,its an ideal way to save time.

USING formulaType: HOUR(A1)*3600+MINUTE(A1)*60+SECOND(A1)in A2 cell. It will return 724 in A2. Please try the first method with any AVAYA report in HH:MM:SS form. I am sure it will definitely save your lot of time.


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