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Friday, September 26, 2008

Find and replace ?

Find and replace is very common thing we can expect from any application. However, certain special character can't be replaced like question mark '?'. But this can be very well tricked by using Replace function.

1.  When you want use find & replace to remove ? from the string you will notice that all the next old text will be replaced by new text.

2.  The following formula will replace ?(question mark) from the string.

3.  Remember only one ? mark.

Formula is mentioned below:
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sweta said...

In this example, I did understad tht "?" has been replaced with a 2 bt there were two digits i.e. 22 aftr the "?" in the original string, wht happened to tht, kindly elaborate more on the various parts of replace and find function and plz explain wht each part represents. Thnx

Sarfaraz Ahmed said...

Here we want to replace ? from string or number
so in first we want to find the number on which ? is appearing
Like 2222?333 ? is on 5th place. find will return the 5 and replace with change ? on 5 place with ""
Kindly let me know if you have any further help

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