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Monday, September 22, 2008

How to Remove Apostrophe

Suppose if column A contains an imported list of numbers. All these number will have an invisible apostrophe due to which MS Excel interprets such numbers as text. These numbers can’t be formatted as currency or they cannot be using in calculation as SUM and AVERAGE. From office XP onward you can recognize them by a triangular green color mark at the left side top of the cell.

We will have to convert them into values/numbers, so we can use them in formulas or format them as currency.

Please have a look at the steps below
Office XP or Above:
1. Select the enter column from which you wish to remove apostrophe. On the highlighted cell, you will see an exclamation mark .
2. Click on the exclamation mark and select Convert to Number from menu.

Office 2000:
You will have to use the VALUE function as shown in the following



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